Tiferes Israel Preschool’s Board of Directors

Every not-for-profit day care center (preschool) shall have a Board of Directors consisting of at least seven members of which no less than two of the members shall be parents of children enrolled in the day care center (preschool).

The Board of Directors shall meet at least twice a year.

The members of the Board are:

Christine Purves – President
Susie MacDow – Treasurer
Caitlin Dawe
Catherine Fulton
April MacAleese-Jay
Allison Price
Matt Price

 Parental Involvement

  1. All day care centers (preschools) shall organize one yearly information meeting for the parents of the children attending the center to discuss the center’s programs, policies and procedures.

  2. Centers should encourage parent participation and involvement which will foster better understanding of each others’ needs and how to best service the child.

School Opening

The preschool will open Wednesday, September 6 and/or Thursday, September 7 for Orientation before preschool starts. This is a great way to introduce the preschoolers to their teacher, class and school. The class list tends to change over the summer so this will provide the children with a more accurate classroom experience rather than visiting in May. You will be contacted by the teacher for your child’s orientation date and time.

We usually start preschool the week after public school. We will commence Monday, September 11.

Our closing date is Wednesday, May 31, 2018.

School Hours

School opens at 8:30 am and starts at 8:45 am. Pick up is 12:00 pm.

We observe all the public holidays followed by Anglophone East School District. We do have school on Anglophone East’s Teachers’ Professional Development and Parent/Teacher Interview days.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Coordinator

Lori Godin:  856-3339

Preschool Board

President – Christine Purves

Treasurer – Susie MacDow

Caitlin Dawe
Catherine Fulton
April MacAleese-Jay
Allison Price
Matt Price

Staff for 2017-2018

Cheryl Allerston
Director and three-year-old teacher

Substitute Teacher:
On occasion we require a substitute teacher.

Tiferes Israel Preschool’s Classes

Mrs. Cheryl Allerston’s (3-year-olds teacher): Tuesday/Thursday mornings

Trips and Outings

Parents of the three and four-year-olds are welcomed to attend the outings. If you need transportation for your child on an outing please contact your child’s teacher. Parents who are willing to drive extra children please provide a photocopy of your driver’s license as well as proof from your insurance company, verifying that you have proper coverage to transport children in your vehicle. Please contact your insurance company to inform them that you will be transporting children at least once a month.

We have a number of Jewish holidays in September, October, April and May.  We will compensate for these holidays by going on outings or rearranging preschool on another day.

Our insurance company strongly recommends that all parents submit a photocopy of their driver’s license and a photocopy of their car insurance, or a letter from their insurance company, stating that the driver can transport children in their vehicle.  This is for everyone’s safety as there may come a time when you need to carpool or drive another child due to illness or necessity for transportation.  I need the photocopies by the second week of September.

Usually one field trip a month is off the school premises. The other Wednesdays we feature special guests or unique activities at the preschool.

Car seats and booster chairs are mandatory on our field trips.

We welcome suggestions on our outings or special events. If you have a profession, hobby, collection, or talent, which would interest the children please notify us. Children love their parents participating.


Please read the Tuition Fee Schedule carefully and choose the method of payment most convenient for you. Tax receipts will be available the end of January (first term) and May (second term).

Method of Payment

All fees for the year must be paid the first week of preschool with nine post-dated cheques, dated the first day of each month from October to May, or 2 post-dated cheques for those paying twice a year, dated October and January, or one payment dated the first of October.

All cheques must be made out to Tiferes Israel Education Fund.

Extra Costs that May Occur This Year:

School supplies to be paid in September – $30.00
Children exchange gifts at the Hanukkah Party (December)- under $5.00
School professional photos (fall)- around $25.00 (optional to purchase)
Chanukah concert reception – $10/family
A Loonie or Toonie for outings

These fees are already included in your tuition payments:

Pre-registration fee
Payment of your child’s Snack Week
Class photos & school supplies

Please keep your child’s file updated by providing a current photocopy of your child’s immunization, especially when a needle was recently administered. Please also notify the school when your child’s medicare card has been reissued with a new expiry date.

The Preschool Board has checked with other day-cares and preschools and has found that they have a “Late Pick-Up Policy”. We follow the same. We charge $5.00 for every 15 minutes parents or those responsible for the child are late in arriving, to a maximum of $20.00.

All children must be toilet trained to attend the preschool.  We are not equipped to change diapers, pull ups or soiled clothing.

Supply List for Students

Velcro sneakers or inside shoes appropriate for gym activities (Child can put them on themselves)
Change of clothes (Labelled in a large ziplock bag)
$30.00 for supplies
Please print your child’s name on the school supplies.

The Tiferes Israel Preschool handbook can be downloaded in pdf format here. Please note you will need Adobe Reader to view the file.  Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free here (link opens in a new window).