Seeing a need for a preschool  in the Jewish community, David Attis was instrumental in fulfilling his dream. The one class school of 4 year-olds and Kindergartners began in the fall of 1980 under the directorship of Berys Richardson. She, with the help of a number of assistants, taught this age level for 18 years to the preschoolers in the Jewish congregation and the general public.

In 1984 the three-year-old class was introduced to the preschool.  In 1986 an addition was built onto the synagogue expanding the preschool to three classrooms. Upon Mrs. Richardson’s retirement from teaching in 1998, Cheryl Allerston took over as director and teacher of the 4-year-olds and Kindergarten.

Presently, the preschool offers a Tuesday/Thursday class for three year olds taught by Cheryl Allerston.