2017-18 Jewish Calendar

Holiday Date Comment
Rosh Hashanah Sept 21-22 (Thurs, Fri) Jewish New Year
Not at school
Yom Kippur Sept 30 (Sat) Day of Atonement
Sukkot (1st & 2nd) Oct 5-6 (Thurs, Fri) Remembering the Israelites
In the Wilderness
Feast of Tabernacles
Not at school
Shemini Atzeret Oct 12 (Thurs) Not at school
Simchat Torah Oct. 13 (Fri) Reading of the Torah is
Chanukah Dec 13-20 (Wed-Wed) Festival of Lights – Concert
Tu Bishevat Jan 31 (Wed) Planting – New Year for Trees
Purim March 1 (Thurs) Queen Esther – Costume Party
Passover (Pesach) starts Mar 31-Apr 1 (Sat, Sun) Moses – Escape from Egypt
Passover ends Apr 6, 7 (Fri, Sat) Not at school
 Shavuot  May 20, 21 (Sun, Mon) Festival of Weeks, commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai

We will compensate for most of the Jewish holidays held during the week by having outings or scheduling preschool on another day.

All other holidays coincide with Anglophone East School District.  We do not celebrate Halloween but do have a costume party for Purim in March.  We observe Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Remembrance Day.

Storm Days:  We adhere to Anglophone East School District’s cancellations, which are announced on the local radio stations as well as posted on their website.

Weather days will be compensated if the three-year old or part-time four-year-old classes miss more than 4 days and the full time four year old classes miss more than 8.