About Us

Our Schedule

Three-Year-Old Class
Teacher:  Cheryl Allerston
Times:  Tuesday/Thursday mornings

There is a limit of 7 children per class for the three year olds and 10 for the four year olds.


Mornings: 8:45 – 12:00.  Doors open at 8:30am.

Kosher Food

In the synagogue, including classrooms, auditorium and kitchen all Jewish dietary laws must be followed.

Members and non-members utilizing the synagogue must adhere to the rules as listed below:

  1. No food prepared outside of the synagogue kitchen is allowed in the building unless it comes from a kosher bakery or kosher catering service.

  2. Any grocery products brought into the synagogue in preparation of a meal or a special “refreshment” event, must be kosher i.e. from a kosher meat market, bakery, restaurant, etc. The products must be marked with the kosher symbols MK, Cor, K, C, U or Pareve where applicable. Fruits and vegetables are considered kosher when fresh. Washing, cleaning or cutting are to be done in the synagogue.